Certified Internal Auditor

Certified Internal Auditor
CIA The designation of successful candidates of the main certification program of the *Institute of Internal Auditors (HA). The IIA Web site claims the CIA qualification to be "the only internationally accepted designation for internal auditors." The CIA examination was first given in 1974, and by 2003 nearly 40,000 individuals had obtained the qualification. Interestingly, the acronym CIA is identical to that of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and there have been instances of internal auditors being mistaken for Central Intelligence Agency officials by political activists and guerrilla forces who have misinterpreted the CIA designation printed on business cards. Lives have even been put at risk - the IIA considered a name change in the 1980s but decided to retain the CIA acronym (Flesher, 1991, 50-51). Further reading: Myers and Gramling (1997) Web link: www.theiia.org/ecm/certiiication.cjmMoc_id-12

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